VectorFPS supplies premium functional performance systems to thousands of high-level athletes, trainers and sports teams.


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Our team is made up of the very individuals who utilize functional performance methods on a daily basis, including current and former professional athletes, power-lifters, bodybuilders, athletic trainers, crossfit athletes and fitness models. We ensure that our products meet the standards of the best in the industry.


We don't expect to make a fortune selling functional performance equipment. Our mission is solely to help improve the fitness industry one team; one athlete; and/or one band at a time. Together, let's keep functional training simple, effective and affordable.


These bands are the best! I use them everyday: during workouts, before practice and even on gameday.

Markus Golden, NFL Linebacker

Definitely high quality equipment. [Our team] will put our new bands and balance pads to use.

Kurt Schmidt, Director of Sports Performance, University of Central Florida

Adding VectorFPS training bands to my daily routine has not only made me a lot stronger, but helped me stay healthy year-round.

Adam Ploudre, NFL Offensive Lineman

We love our [VectorFPS] Power Bands for speed development work. We use them for summer workouts.

Jon Bunyard, Performance Coach, Rockwood Summit High School


High schools, universities, public and private gyms ordering in bulk should contact us at support@vectorfps.com for team discounts and purchase orders for school or government agencies and/or all who apply.


Use our board of CSCS/CSCC certified strength and conditioning coaches and trainers to help design the perfect program for your athletes and team. Contact support@vectorfps.com for details.

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