Hyper Loop (Set)

Hyper Loop (Set)

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  • 3 12-Inch Hyper Loop Bands (1 of each resistance)

Using the same amazing technology as our industry leading Power Band!

*Great for Team and Commercial Use!

Resistance (1 of each):

  • Yellow - Light (5-25 lbs of resistance)*
  • Red - Medium (15-45 lbs of resistance)
  • Black - Heavy (25-65 lbs of resistance)

Order in bulk for discounted prices!

Undestanding Variable Resistance:

"Variable resistance is a term used in weightlifting to describe a resistance type that changes throughout the range of motion of the movement, unlike a dumbbell or cable resistance that stays the same. At the top of a variable resistance movement (or the hardest part of the movement) the resistance is going to be greater, and at the bottom (or the easiest part) it is going to be less intense. This is because power bands and other variable resistance devices get more difficult the more further you stretch them. So the top weight for each variable resistance is the weight of the resistance that you will experience at the furthest the band will stretch."