We're proud to partner with St. Louis master trainer and former hockey star Jeff LoVecchio who has pledged his commitment to building functional, dynamic, and explosive athletes by way of VectorFPS and his online programming. 

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The GMBM #Gym2Go Bag is the perfect bundle for serious athletes looking to earn serious results both in the gym and on the go. The bundle comes complete with:

  • Heavy Power Band
  • Medium Power Band
  • Light Power Band
  • Mini-band Set
  • Massage Ball
  • Power Sliders
  • and Jump Rope

Jeff LoVecchio has trained hundreds of athletes both on his online training platform and at his training center at Maryville Hockey Center in St. Louis, MO. Using the GMBM #Gym2Go Bundle, LoVecchio hopes to give his athletes the tools they need to train while they travel in preparation for the hockey season.

Shop #Gym2Go