Train at The HaVen

It's your own personal training oasis...


The HaVen by VectorFPS is the all new VectorFPS headquarters in Midtown - St. Louis, MO, by St. Louis University campus. Amidst the storefront stockpiled with premium bands, foam rollers and balance pads resides an all-inclusive, privately owned commercial training space used for 1v1 private training and private open gym sessions.

The training space follows a unique 1-in-1-out policy, while private training and open gym sessions can be booked online up to 3 weeks in advance (and at least one hour before the session starts). This allows for each member to use the gym privately, and invite up to three (3) guests during a single visit, for the booked time. While the storefront is open to all from 11am - 4pm daily, the training space is capped at 20 exclusive members and is sanitized after each training window to ensure individual safety and gym availability. Masks will not be required to be worn while the member is inside the training space.

In partnership with some of the most premium equipment manufacturers in todays fitness world, the training space features some of the most state-of-the-art pieces of equipment you won't find anywhere else (unless your in Lebron's home). Some key pieces include an 8-ft Hammer Strength Half-Rack, a Seated Iso-Lateral Row, 650 pounds in premium Umax Dumbbells (5-100 lbs), a selectorized quad-extension, Precor Prone Leg Curl, Seated Inner-Outer Thigh, Back Extension (bench), Med Balls, Plyo-Boxes, VectorFPS Bands, Stability Balls, V-Core, Balance Pads, Viver (v12) Massage Gun, Viper-X Suspension Systems, and key cardio pieces like a premium Cybex Arc Trainer, Stairmaster, a Woodway Treadmill and a WattBike. Members who approved for gym access will have full access to book private training and open gym sessions online between the hours of 6am and 10pm, CT.

Update: We are currently full, but you can join the waitlist today to receive exclusive updates, pricing and membership availability as soon as a spot opens open. Visit to sign up today!